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  • Student: New Orleans

    "I learned that we make a difference no matter how small our work seems to be."

  • Student: Kenya

    "I went there in hopes of changing someone else's life, but along the way, my life was changed."

  • Parent: Tibet

    "My daughter came home with a much greater passion to help people than she had before going to Tibet."

  • Parent: Nepal

    "Nepal was a life changing experience for our son, and we are grateful that he had the opportunity to go."


Latest News

  • Nov. 2, 2015
    Dates, costs, and descriptions for our 2016 courses will be posted by Dec. 1
  • Sept. 1, 2015
    Dr. Karambu Ringera will be a keynote speaker at the public session on Oct. 23. 

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Message of Purpose for Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder

Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder is founded on a simple concept: for the next generation of secondary school students to be effective global citizens, they need direct experience engaging their intellects, curiosity, and senses of obligation by working with organizations that are in the field, addressing fundamental issues related to endemic poverty. Guided by bright, globally-minded course instructors, we believe that these experiences are inherently creative, energetic, idealistic, and bold enough to generate worldviews shaped by universal values of justice, responsibility, and compassion. Our purpose remains to compel students from around the world toward a clear, hope-inspired vision of how to confront what we call the paralysis of enormity – the futile feeling of looking at a global challenge that seems too big and too entrenched to even approach.

A parent of a recent SStS alumnus stated: “Participants in SSS are not on vacation. In less than desirable circumstances, participants are quickly assimilated into local culture, working in teams to improve the living condition of the local population. In addition, personal relationships between participants, residents, and staff are created, forming bonds that will last a lifetime.” This quotation reflects many parents' perspectives on our experiential program. When I combine it with this parent’s anonymous feedback, “my child came home more reflective and thoughtful regarding our world and her place in it,” I move forward with confidence that the limits of Students Shoulder to Shoulder are as boundless as the possibilities of this generation’s worldview.

Robert A. Bandoni

Executive Director

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.”
Robert F. Kennedy


Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder's (SStS) mission is to inspire and support generations of ethical leaders.

When you learn of SStS's philosophical underpinnings, its educational programming, and its economic structure, you will appreciate that its purpose is profoundly more than providing youth with an opportunity to do community service in other cultures, as noble as that might be.